MV AKB48 new single Tsubasa wa Iranai

The music video of AKB48 new single “Tsubasa wa
Iranai”(to be released 1st June 2016) has been
unveiled. The MV takes us back in time to 1972 when
student protests were popular.
The 12 minute drama tells the story of 4 leads who live
in the same hostel and go to the same campus –
Yamamoto Sayaka(folk singer), Kashiwagi Yuki
(volleyball player), Watanabe Mayu(poet) and Mukaichi
Mion(documentary filmmaker). Highlights include
Watanabe being cheated by a bad guy, Yukirin’s
affections for Mion, Yamamoto’s fight with Mion, and a
bathing scene of the 4.
Center Mukaichi Mion, who was a child actress,
commented “In terms of acting, i can’t say i remember
the feelings from my acting days so it was difficult, but
it was enjoyable while filming the fight scenes with
Yamamoto san and various others with Yukirin san.
Personally i like Yukirin san’s acting so i learnt alot.”
“It’s something that the elderly would feel akin to. In
fact, the younger generations will discover that there’s a
period like that. It’d be great if everyone can get a
feeling of that time while listening to the song.”

source allthinksjpop

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